Runyang Gu

RunYang Gu is a student at ZJU, pursuing his undergraduate degree in philosophy. His main areas of interest are applied epistemology and ethics, where he explores questions such as how people should form beliefs that guide their actions and deliberations, and how people should take responsibility and assign blame in different situations. He also enjoys reading about photography, psychoanalysis, and postmodernism in his spare time. He likes to walk and take photos, or swim for relaxation. 


2024 Spring

Visiting Student, Cornell University

2021.09 –

B.A. in Philosophy, Zhejiang University


Works in Progress

2023.6 –

Undergoing research about bullshit. Based on Eldar Sarajlic’s paper Bullshit, Truth, and Reason, I want to clarify and distinguish the notions of bullshit, bullshitting, and bullshitter; then I revise Sarajlic’s theory in a more proper sense. 

2022.9 – 12

I conducted research on the character response to the problem of moral luck. I based my argument on Judith Jarvis Thomson’s paper Morality and Bad Luck, where she defends the view that moral responsibility is not affected by luck. I challenged Thomson’s version of the character response and argued that it fails to account for the role of counterfactuals in moral evaluation. 

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