The team of epistemology group, led by Tenured Associate Professor Davide Fassio and Tenured Associate Professor Jie Gao, has research interests in epistemology and its intersections with other areas, such as ethics, decision theory, philosophy of mind, linguistics and philosophy of AI. Much of their research has been published in top journals, such as Ethics, Philosophical Studies, and Synthese

Recent News

  • In June 2024, Jie Gao successfully passed the evaluation to get a tenured position! Congratulations!
  • Jie Gao’s monograph “Belief, Knowledge and Practical Matters” has been published. Link
  • Runyang Gu has enrolled in the INC-ARTS-Exchange program, and he will be a visiting student at Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University during Spring 2024. Xian He has received a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council, and he will be a visiting student at the University of Zurich since Nov. 2023.
  • We have successfully hosted the “Epistemology & AI 2023” workshop. Link
  • Davide Fassio’s article “Self-Effacing Reasons and Epistemic Constraints: Some Lessons from the Knowability Paradox”, co-authored with Massimiliano Carrara, has been accepted for publication in The Philosophical Quarterly
  • Three introductory articles are forthcoming in the 3rd edition of the Blackwell Companion to Epistemology: “Varieties of Pragmatic Encroachment” (by Jie Gao), “Cross-linguistic Studies in Epistemology” (by Davide Fassio & Jie Gao), “The Knowability Paradox” (by Davide Fassio).
  • In June 2023, Davide Fassio successfully passed the evaluation to get a tenured position! Since July 2023, he is an Associate Professor.
  • In June 2023, four members of EGzju graduate from Zhejiang University, and all of them continue to pursue philosophical research. They are Guowei Lai (now a postdoc at SYSU), Yurong Zhu (now a Ph.D. student at CU-Boulder), Jiarui Ma (now an M.A. student at Concordia), and Yifan Shao (now an M.A. student at Oxford).
  • Davide Fassio’s article “Justification and Gradability”, co-authored with Arturs Logins, has been accepted for publication on Philosophical Studies. It is now available online here.
  • Jie Gao’s article “Should credence be sensitive to practical factors? A cost–benefit analysis” has been published on Mind and Language. Link
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