Luqi Tang

Luqi Tang is a Ph.D. candidate at Zhejiang University. Her research interests are in epistemology and philosophy of language. She tries to defend a new version of certainty norm of action and assertion in her dissertation. Currently, she works mainly on the epistemic norm of action/assertion and the epistemic notion of certainty. 



Ph.D. in Philosophy, Zhejiang University


M.A. in Philosophy, Zhejiang University


B.A. in Philosophy, Northeastern University, China



Certainty and the Preface Paradox:

• “Epistemology in China” Conference, Shanghai, China, 09/2023

Certainty: an Ignored Epistemic Notion:

•10th ZJU Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy Workshop, Hangzhou, China, 03/2023

•Beijing International Graduate Conference in Analytic Philosophy, Beijing, China, 01/2023 (Online)

Does Certainty Entail Knowing? Against Beddor’s View:

•7th Annual Conference of Chinese Society of Epistemology, Urumqi, China, 08/2023

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